Saturday, February 6, 2010

Unemployment Certification Format I Was Fired For Failing To Recieve A Job Required Certification On Time. Can I Collect Unemployment Benefits?

I was fired for failing to recieve a job required certification on time. Can i collect unemployment benefits? - unemployment certification format

I worked for this employer for more than two years without incident. I got along well with all employees. This directive comes from the staff.


PiggiePa... said...

Normally, when you are finished, because of an error, act or omission on their part, as violation of company policy, not eligible. The benefits are for those who lost their jobs through no fault of their own (layoffs, downsizing, etc., reserved)

However, you can apply for unemployment. The company has worked for the opportunity to challenge their claim. If so, will probably be rejected because they constitute a violation of company policy. If you do not bother to contest the claim, you can collect.

It is used for May and see what happens.

All Beef Patty said...

Depends. If your company is not willing to hire you, even if you were recognized, then you might be able to draw benefits.

All countries have different laws, so the best thing to do is look beyond the unemployment insurance website, which you might check out, may exclude the benefits from your Land. ...

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